Most Frequently Asked Question about Snowmobile Renting:

Am I insured?

Yes, the insurance included in the rental package covers the user on the back seat in case of an accident. The insurance will cover the medical and hospitalization costs, if necessary. The driver is not insurated.

No, in the event of an accident, you're responsible for the snowmobile repair costs for up to $1500 (not covered by your personal insurance). Above $1500, the insurance takes over.

Important: Some insurance companies accept to cover the $1500 deductible for a supplement. Talk to your agent before making a reservation.

Are our snowmobiles difficult to handle?

No, they have automatic gear changes and we stay on specially prepared trails. A snowmobile is steady on straight sections.

Is it dangerous to get lost?

No, the trails are well identified and marked ( signs and signals ) and stops are clearly indicated. All you have to do is to follow the signs and the trail map.

What about clothing?

Comfortable clothes, woven fabric, natural fibers. For your comfort, we have  top quality snowmobile suits for up to -40 degrees Celcius protection.

What are the speed limits?

70 km/h is the maximum speed.  But one must respect the specific signs posts on each of the trail sections.

What the trail look like?

They are all groomed and they have a minimum of 15 feets width, They are open in both direction, like a street.

Is off-trail snowmobiling possible?

Yes, with experienced guides. Nevertheless, one should remember that rented snowmobiles are not all suitable for off-trail activities. First you have to master the techniques and you must be accompanied on your excursion, otherwise you face the possibility of sinking in the snow up to your belt and a bogged down snowmobile may seem to weigh 1000 kilos!    

How many kilometers with a full tank?

Approximately 125 km for a 2 stroke snowmobile.
Approximately 250 km for a 4 stroke snowmobile.

How does one signal on trails?





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